• Teresa Barrett

Power down hour

It's time to go to bed soon and I'm here in front of my laptop - like so many of you may be (just before going to sleep).

Sleep. Yes, we all need it. But how much are you actually getting? Do you feel refreshed in the mornings, or groggy or brain-foggy?

Try one simple technique this week; it's called the Power Down Hour. So, since I want to be asleep by 10 pm tonight, I'll be "powering down" at 9. This is the hour where we're not in front of blue light (electronics).

You're invited to choose any possibility from this menu (in case you feel the need to do "something):"

- gel pen colouring,

- journaling (you could write about what went well / what are you celebrating / reflections from the day to "let go" of what doesn't serve you),

- write down any other thoughts looping in your head (e.g. grocery list), or

- a light 'letting go' meditation (nothing that brings up heavy stuff)

Guess what time it is! It's my Power Hour start. What about you?

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